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Urban Infrastructure

Cochin International Airport CIAL Flood Mitigation projects

 Flooding during the monsoon has been a severe problem for the Cochin International Airport Ltd (Cial) over the past two years as the airport had to remain closed for many days due to inundation of runway and other premises.
In 2018 and 2019, Cial’s operations were affected due to the floods following which the authorities had appointed a state-owned consultancy Kitco, for preparing a comprehensive flood mitigation plan.
Based on Kitco study, Cial has undertaken several works in and around the airport at a cost of Rs 129.3 crore and the project appears to be effective so far as the airport was not inundated during the monsoon in August.
Cial management strongly believes that with the completion of the project, the airport and surrounding areas’ proneness to flooding would be reduced significantly.

Real Estate

Commercial Building @ Edapally

Departments should be empowered to plan their office space. This principle recognizes that, if office space is treated as an administrative resource and managers are given the opportunity to plan office space using simplified standards and guidelines, more creative, cost-effective solutions to satisfying office space needs will result. Standards and guidelines should be simplified. 
Space should be flexible. This principle recognizes that fewer barriers to change, less disruption when change does occur, and lower costs in money and time can be accomplished by:
• using open space planning whenever practical
• reducing the number of different sizes of spaces
• standardizing the sizes of as many spaces as possible

Urban infrastructure

Cultural Streets Manaveeyam road -Thiruvanthapuram

Urban design 
  • Manaveeyam Veedhi is 180 m road stretch from the statue of Vayalar Ramavarma on the Museum-Vellayambalam road to the statues of G. Devarajan and P. Bhaskaran at Althara junction. This street is famous for the numerous artworks on display along the road and numerous cultural performances it hosts. SCTL’s proposl is to facilitate the current activities in the Veedhi by giving the street a physical makeover and convert Manaveeyam Veedhi as a Cultural Street in all sense.The new streetscape design is pedestrian dominant and universally accessible, The design components are a covered venue, scupltures, art gallery space, Exercise park, street library, gender friendly toilets, drinking water fountains, food kiosks and cycle parking area. 

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