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Urban Infrastructure

Cochin International Airport CIAL Flood Mitigation projects

 Flooding during the monsoon has been a severe problem for the Cochin International Airport Ltd (Cial) over the past two years as the airport had to remain closed for many days due to inundation of runway and other premises.
In 2018 and 2019, Cial’s operations were affected due to the floods following which the authorities had appointed a state-owned consultancy Kitco, for preparing a comprehensive flood mitigation plan.
Based on Kitco study, Cial has undertaken several works in and around the airport at a cost of Rs 129.3 crore and the project appears to be effective so far as the airport was not inundated during the monsoon in August.
Cial management strongly believes that with the completion of the project, the airport and surrounding areas’ proneness to flooding would be reduced significantly.

Real Estate

Commercial Building @ Edapally

restaurant is a place where people visit to eat and drink the food being prepared on the premises and pays for the same. The food is served at the table to have a comfortable visit for your meals. Our IPG company done some  restaurant Project.

Government Properties

Center Hospital

Hosital desingn.
  • There is our other
    project Center Hospital​.We  have done This project with our  interpriseglobal Company.

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